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Judeo-Christian medical care in early Rome

In reference to medical history, Christianity must be seen, first, as a Jewish movement. Within a few centuries, root and branch had become hostile to each other, so it’s hard to bear in mind just how fundamentally Jewish the early … Continue reading

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Medieval international merchants

International merchants were, of course, the largest sales ventures. They sent representatives to the larger regional/national fairs, but their chief trading occurred elsewhere. To go back to Charlemagne’s time, a group of Jewish merchants based around the Rhone River traveled … Continue reading

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Massacre of Jews

In 1096, many of Germany’s Jews were massacred by the minor knights and paupers gathering for “pilgrimage.” When we look back from the 21st century, the event doesn’t seem surprising because we know the end of the story. But that’s … Continue reading

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Anti-Semitism begins in Europe

Part of the countdown to the First Crusade… Before the year 1000, there’s no clear evidence of anti-Jewish actions. A small community of Jews had settled along the Rhine River in Roman days; there were some other small historic communities … Continue reading

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Ideology takes over the Caliphate

I’ve taken a week off writing about medieval Islam, so I want to review before going on. After about 950, the nature of the Muslim world began to change profoundly. Each region had its own type of change. In Persia, … Continue reading

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Scapegoating Jews in 1349

When we look back on the events of 1349, it’s easy for us to connect the massacres of Jews with the 20th century’s Holocaust. The connection is real, but we need to look with fresh eyes at the events of … Continue reading

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Side note: Jews and the Black Death

Why did Jews get targeted during the plague? Here’s what happened (copied from FB comments string on “The Great Mortality” post): By this time, England and northern France had expelled their Jewish populations. Jews lived in Spain, southern France (Marseille … Continue reading

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