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Medieval meatless soups

Three medieval meatless soups, drawn from “Fabulous Feasts,” by Madeleine Cosman Ms. Cosman’s book has recipe measurements and additional instructions, here edited out for brevity. 1. Sorrelye: sorrel soup with figs and dates Simmer 1 lb of chopped sorrel with … Continue reading

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Lenten fish

I’ll do another entry on Lent and fasting. It’s worth just talking about fish. Some fish came from ponds and were probably fresh. Monasteries knew in advance that they’d be fasting for every possible fast day year round, so they … Continue reading

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Lent begins

The fast season of Lent was not nearly as unique in the medieval year as it is in the modern. Fast days punctuated the year, and the entire four weeks before Christmas was also a fast. Lent was merely the … Continue reading

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