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Medieval traveling lives: masons

This fits into the Medieval Cycle of Life series, after the traveling minstrel. Today’s “Masonic Lodge” has no direct connection to the actual Freemasons of the Middle Ages, but some of the traits and tropes we associate with them, like … Continue reading

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Medieval craftsman’s wife

The life of a medieval woman in town is closer to our modern ideas than the other pathways (such as the castle lady or peasant’s wife). ┬áThis isn’t coincidental, since modern life developed from the roots of those medieval towns. … Continue reading

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Tablet weaving

There was another kind of weaving that was generally done as a home craft. It didn’t produce swathes or bolts of fabric, but its importance can’t be downplayed. In tablet weaving, also called card weaving, the weaver’s quick hands produced … Continue reading

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